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September 7, 2010

Paper Recycling - Why it has become a necessity?

September 7, 2010
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The desire to be environmentally friendly has inspired many to consider it as a condition for survival. This is a timely development as the world is living amidst rapidly vanishing natural reserves. Unless advances in technology are developed to avert the loss of more non renewable reserves, the world sits in waiting for a miracle to rescue the human race from an impending discomfort that we collectively willed to occur. One of the conservation efforts being lobbied worldwide is the efficient recycling of non-renewable resources. This involves using whatever is available to manufacture new products and precluding the need to tap what is left of our natural reserve – paper recycling included.

But what precisely is paper recycling and why should we patronize this global agenda? The manufacture of virgin substrates requires a good volume of tree fibers to therefore necessitate the fell of many trees in order to proceed with production. While trees are considered as a renewable reserve, it will take years to grow one; not to mention funds required to sustain its growth.

Offices produce a lot of post consumer waste that can be converted to new paper through paper recycling. Post consumer waste can therefore be forwarded to recycling facilities where used tree fibers are recovered and mixed with other components to produce new paper. Note that most paper mills do not use 100% recycled tree fibers to manufacture recycled paper. Recycled tree fibers are only required as an additive to reduce the use of virgin components and cut subsequent dependence on new tree fibers.

According to the American Forest and Paper Association or AFPA, around 1 cubic meter of landfill space is saved for the locality in every ton of paper recycled with paper recycling facilities. The AFPA also reported that at least 36% of fibers used to produce new paper products in the United States come from recycled paper. Efforts are already underway to optimize paper recycling activities and reduce dependence on tree growths. Moreover, paper manufacturers have resolved to adhere to sustainable practices in the farming of trees. Nonetheless, it still requires time in years to cultivate fast growing trees to full size and maturity.

Thus, the mantra for our generation applies craftily and we are left only with the last option to recycle and conserve what is left of our natural reserves.


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