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September 7, 2010

Paper Recycling - Why it has become a necessity?

September 7, 2010 0
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The desire to be environmentally friendly has inspired many to consider it as a condition for survival. This is a timely development as the world is living amidst rapidly vanishing natural reserves. Unless advances in technology are developed to avert the loss of more non renewable reserves, the world sits in waiting for a miracle to rescue the human race from an impending discomfort that we collectively willed to occur. One of the conservation efforts being lobbied worldwide is the efficient recycling of non-renewable resources. This involves using whatever is available to manufacture new products and precluding the need to tap what is left of our natural reserve – paper recycling included.

September 1, 2010

Epson Releases the World’s Fastest Line of Inkjet Printers

September 1, 2010 0

Experts are unanimous in the observation that inkjet printers deliver far superior printouts over laser printers, particularly in the aspect of color photo reproduction. Print technology called MicroPiezo has made all of this possible, as inkjets can now accurately deliver numerous ink droplets for every square area of print space on media which has tremendously improved dpi (dots per inch) image resolution. Consequently, the Epson patented fluid ink called DuraBrite Ink likely performs better than laser toner when it comes to managing color tones over printed media.

August 26, 2010

Xerox Corporation - Awarded Company of the Year

August 26, 2010 0
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Company of the Year and Overall Winner has been conferred to Xerox Corporation for its contribution to the growth of business resellers worldwide. A major impetus to the award is the development of  wide ranging products and programs such as the PagePack 3.0. The PagePack 3.0 is a collection of managed, print services oriented programs aimed at (1) helping consumers and business entities attain cost saving printing solutions and (2) improve productivity.

August 25, 2010

Printer Buying Guides: Determine the Type of Inkjet Printer Ink You Need!

August 25, 2010 0
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It takes two to tango!

The idiom is very much applicable to the paper (or media) and inkjet printer ink partnership. Aqueous ink (water based ink) easily adheres to paper because both are manufactured using a similar polar molecule. Thus, the use of aqueous ink for printing will definitely result in vivid and sharp images captured on paper. Solvent inks meanwhile are a good match to plastic media - again, because both are of the same polar molecule. However if aqueous ink is used to print on plastic media (particularly on vinyl banners), water based ink will not stick to the surface. Printing can only be possible in this case if the plastic media is coated.

August 23, 2010

Inkjet Printer Ink - Comparing Aqueous and Solvent Based Inks

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Early Chinese civilization employed 1 or 2 types of substrates that made the antiquated system of printing system much more easier. The availability of a wide range of substrates in this day and age has placed printer manufacturers into a tight spot. A universal printer with an  inkjet printer ink formula that will be compatible to a wide-ranging variety of substrates is likely needed.
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